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Hicken is back!!! Graham gives final salute

Hicken is back!!! Graham gives final salute

Outgoing Deputy Commissioner Maxine Graham (L) and Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken 

Deputy Commissioner of Police Maxine Graham whose time in the Guyana Police Force expired since June of this year has received her marching orders to proceed off the job with today being her last day on the job.

Her exit will see the return of the dynamic and operational strategist Clifton Hicken replacing her as head of the Force Operations.

Hicken was unceremoniously seconded out of the Guyana Police Force to the Department of Citizenship by the Granger administration back in 2019.

The return of Hicken is likely to see him providing strong operational and other support to Commissioner of Police acting Nigel Hoppie.

It is also expected that there will be better management of the force operational resources and allocations in the form of vehicles, something that has been a challenge for the force over the years given its scarcity.

Clifton Hicken is well known for his ability to coordinate, generate public support, and whip up public support for the police force form members of the public.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken is well known for his work within several communities in and around Georgetown though the now almost defunct Social Crime Prevention.