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“He was shot in his sleep” wife of SWAT shooting victim

DEAD: Orin Boston (inset) and the bed on which relatives claimed he was lying on when he was shot this morning by SWAT operatives

Fiona Boston, wife of slain businessman Orin Boston, says that her husband was shot and killed by ranks fo the SWAT Unit while he was sleeping.

The twenty-nine-year-old woman, during a brief interview with BIG Smith News Watch said around 04:00hrs this morning, ranks from the SWAT team burst in to the family’s Dartmouth home, in search of her husband.

Orin Boston’s relatives and friends at his home

Fiona explained that her husband was shot and killed, before anyone could ask why the officers were in the home.

“They come in and kick the back-room door and shoot he… he was sleeping when they shoot he. Right on the bed he went lay down sleeping, and I lay down on the other side, all I hear the door kick in, the gun fire off, he halla… ‘ah’ and that was it.” Fiona Boston told BIG Smith News Watch.

The woman said that her little daughter, rushed into the room to see what had transpired, but was escorted out by a rank of the SWAT Unit.

She went on to say, “after they done shoot he, they tell me don’t move and I left lay down on the bed right next to him, because I left shock, I didn’t know what happened.”

The woman’s side of the story contradicts what police said on the matter.

In a release sent to the press, police said Boston was shot ‘during a confrontation.’ The man’s wife is however saying that there was no confrontation.

When this publication visited the scene earlier this morning, there was indeed a blood-stained mattress on the bed the couple shared.

When asked if the officers indicated why there were there, the woman replied saying, “they just come just like that and they start cuss up, they didn’t say why they were there.”

Additional information reaching BIG Smith News Watch also indicates that nothing illegal was found on the businessman’s premise.

Following the shooting, Boston was whisked away by the SWAT van to the Suddie Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The man’s killing, which many have since described as excessive force, has resulted in riots in the Dartmouth Community.

Reports are that there are some five barricades along the road way, which were setup by protesters.

At the moment, police and members of the Guyana Fire Service are unable to control the situation.