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Harmon joins president in denouncing Maduro’s latest decree

Harmon warns against making squatters refugees in their own country

Leader of the Opposition Joseph Harmon has come out to condemn the decree of Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro which seeks to again lay claims to the Essequibo.

Below is a full statement from the Leader of the Opposition

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Leader of the Opposition condemns Venezuela’s preposterous decree

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Joseph Harmon, joins with all patriotic Guyanese in condemning the preposterous decree issued by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro on January 7, 2021, that seeks to renew fallacious claims to Guyana’s territory and ignore internationally demarcated and recognised boundaries between the two states.
This decree is mischievous, illegal, and can only serve to foment tensions on an issue that is being peaceably resolved in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Venezuela as a Member State of the United Nations, is bound by the jurisdiction and rulings of the ICJ.

The APNU+AFC Coalition recalls a similar decree, No. 1787, that was issued on May 26, 2015, which sought to unilaterally re-draw centuries old land and sea boundaries and lay claim to the hydrocarbon resources in the ‘Liza’ field.

The then Government, led by President David Granger, stoutly and condignly condemned the move as a political stunt and took appropriate measures, diplomatic, and otherwise, to forcibly remind the Venezuelan government that Guyana’s borders and sovereignty were sacrosanct. Not long after, the decree was withdrawn following the pressure that was brought to bear.

Today, five years later, Venezuela seeks to repeat the same misadventure. We urge Venezuela to utilize the ICJ as the forum to present its case and to cease and desist from issuing these arbitrary decrees.

The APNU+AFC Coalition stands resolute and in solidarity with any reasonable action that the people of Guyana is likely to embark on to safeguard Guyana’s sovereignty.

May God bless and protect the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and its people.