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“Harming me or my family won’t bring back the money,” Yuri tells shooters

Yuri Garcia Dominguez

The principal of Capital Firm Inc (ACF), Yuri Garcia- Dominguez, has maintained that harming him or his family won’t bring back the money owed to the Guyanese people.

He made this comment during a Live Facebook interview with BIG Smith News Watch’s Leroy Smith on Thursday evening.

Garcia- Dominguez and his wife, Ateeka Ishmael, have been at the center stage for swindling over $4 billion from Guyanese through an alleged Ponzi scheme, that matter is engaging the attention of the court.

On Wednesday evening at about  20:26, three gunmen pounced on the couple’s Track ‘A’ Coldingen, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home and opened fire.

As it is now, Garcia- Dominguez is renting the lower flat of the building with his landlord living at the upper flat.

At the time of the shooting, the Cuban national said that he and his family were meeting with his legal team.

Reports are that the landlord and his wife were at the upper flat of the house watching television when they heard several loud explosions suspected to be gunshots. As a result, the man and his wife took cover and contacted the police.

Upon arrival, Ranks processed the scene, and three live 9MM rounds, four 7.62×39 spent shells, eleven 9MM spent shells, and fragments suspected to be components of ammunition were found on the street and in the victim’s yard.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed on the victim’s home.

Despite the circumstances, Garcia said that “Harming me or my wife or my family or any member of (ACF) wouldn’t bring the money back.”

He said that if the shooting was related to an investor who could not get a refund, then that investor should ask “for information” before resorting to that method.

BIG Smith News Watch asked Garcia is the shoot was indeed a staged one by him as is being touted in sections of society but the businessman responded in the negative.

“It is not funny to put people’s lives in danger and don’t even think that those kinds of setup make sense.”

“For people who know me, know how I stand and for those people that don’t know, I understand their frustration based on the misinformation. I can promise that it would be over soon at the end of the day.” Garcia told BIG Smith News Watch