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Handyman pull dead from alleyway after employer sent him home

Handyman pull dead from alleyway after employer sent him home

Phillip Ketwaru (inset) and the alleyway where he was pulled from Sunday morning

Fifty-Eight Year Old Phillip Ketwaru of 34 Mon Rose Seawall Road, East Coast Demerara was this morning pulled from an alleyway in an unresponsive condition next to a yard in Atlantic Gardens (also on the East Coast Demerara) where he was performing handyman duties.

BIG Smith News Watch arrived on the scene moment after undertakers remove the remains of the man from the alleyway and escort it to a morgue where detective will await the results of a post-mortem examination.

Speaking with this publication Sunday morning at the scene of the incident, Kaman Ketwaru, a son of the now-dead man related that they were all out when they received a call from their mother informing them of a visit and news she received from the man their father was working with.

โ€œHe drove and tell my mother that the man fell down and he wants us to come and pick him up to take him to the hospital so she said the children are not home and she called my brother and when we arrived about one hour after, we asked him where our father was and he said, look he lay down on the alleyway thereโ€ the distraught son indicated.

One neighbor who lives close by to where the incident took place related that she work up just after 08:00hrs and heard someone groaning. They said they looked around the yard through the window but saw nothing strange and it was only after the commotion began that they realized that the groaning was coming from the alleyway.

The police took into their custody, the owner of the property where Ketwaru was working. The manโ€™s wife told this publication that was she was not feeling well and had been upstairs all morning until the incident took place.

She said that Ketwaru was slated to come at them since Saturday to get some work done but he did not show. According to her, when he showed up Sunday morning, she way laying on plyboard in the yard and her husband told him that he is not feeling well he should go home.

Some minutes after, they said the 58-year-old jumped the fence as against leaving through the gate and it was there that he remained and eventually succumbed.

The police are continuing their investigations into the matter development.