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H.M worried about space; in proposed $594 Million New Abram Zuil Secondary

H.M worried about space; in proposed $594 Million Abram Zuil new school

An artistic impression of the new school to be constructed 

With the constant increase of its school’s population over the years and indications which suggests that the trend will continue in the coming years, the construction of a $594 million Guyana Dollar brand new Abram Zuil Secondary school may still not be adequate to house students and teachers.

This concern was raised by the headteacher of the school Jennifer Taylor on Friday during a multi-stakeholders Monday on the construction of the new facility which will also see the tearing down of the present structure, the meeting on Monday was organized by the consultant to the project E and A Consultant Company who met with representatives of the school, regional and education officials along with other meaningful partners within Region 2, Essequibo.

Twenty-seven classrooms capable of housing up to seven-hundred-fifty students, a science laboratory, several fully air-conditioned offices, a cafeteria, and a multi-purpose hall are among the features to be present once the multi-million double-flat ‘E’ Shaped school is completed.

There will also be southern, northern, and middle wings at the school. The meeting on Monday was told that the school’s construction is expected to take sixteen months.

“I noticed that there will be twenty-seven classrooms in the building, but we’re asking if we can have an increase in the number of classrooms. Our population within a year or so went from 540 to 620. Plus, we have already received indications that our enrollment will continue to grow over the years to come. Also, in the long term… we want to hold CAPE classes” Head Teacher Jennifer Taylor told the meeting of consultants and other officials.

Regional Executive Officer Mr. Devenand Ramdatt explained that the option of expansion and a larger building was explored but the bigger challenge in that process is having space on the present building site is extremely limited.

He told the meeting that notwithstanding that reality, anything to do with additional classrooms or wings would see a variation in the overall cost of the project also.

H.M worried about space; in proposed $594 Million Abram Zuil new school
The existing Abram Zuil Secondary School on the Essequibo Coast

“We’ve explored the possibility of adding more classrooms, but that would require we expand on the building and at the moment we are cramped on the present land. Land acquisition is also a lengthy process so we’ve decided to demolish the present school and reconstruct an entirely new building, which will accommodate 750 students.” REO Ramdatt Said.

BIG Smith News Watch learned that the Johana Cecelia Secondary School will be utilized by students of the Abrams Zuil Secondary, during the construction period. Concerns were however raised over which school [Johana Cecelia or Abrams Zuil] should occupy the Johana Cecelia Secondary building and what time period.

This saw the establishment of a committee that will be tasked with ensuring the effective management of the temporary relocation process and other affairs during the construction phase of the new Abram Zuil Secondary.

From the month of September, by which time is expected that the contract would have already been awarded and demolition of the old school commences, students of Abram Zuil will be housed at the Johana Cecelia Secondary School.