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Guyoil GM sent packing as corruption allegation swirls over US $3M fuel supply

Guyoil GM sent packing as corruption allegation swirls over US $3M fuel supply

SENT HOME: Trevor Bassoo 

General Manager of the Guyana Oil Company (Guyoil) Trevor Bassoo was sent on administrative leave as the state oil company is hit with a scandal surrounding the procurement of US $3 million worth of fuel from a supplier and which has implicated a number of top management players at the entity.

While Trevor Bassoo who was appointed General Manager back in November 2020 was last week sent on his administrative leave, another high level manager at the company has moved to have the police investigate what he consider attempts by person(s) to damage his good character by generating alleged fake social media communication that puts him at the middle of the fuel procurement corruption scandal.

Aaron Royality Inc. whose president is Jason Aaron, claims that he entered an arrangement with the Guyana Oil Company to procure and supply the fuel. The businessman told BIG Smith News Watch that after he secured and supply the fuel four days ahead of schedule, the oil company indicated to him that they were no longer interested in the fuel.

This has prompted him to release a number of voice notes and other communication which he claims are part of discussions he had with key operatives of the oil company to have him bring the fuel in return for alleged ‘kickbacks’.

He is claiming that players within the oil company secured someone who has offered bigger ‘kickbacks’ than he was prepared to give and as such, the company dropped him as the supplier. Aaron Royality Inc. has since moved to secure legal representation to challenge the Oil Company’s position of refusing to accept his supply.

Police sources have confirmed that the matter is indeed engaing their attention and they were supplied with some materials from an official at the Oil Company which detectives will have to evaulated in order to determine the authenticity.

BIG Smith News Watch was able to determine that there is no written contract or document in hand either by the Guyana Oil Company or Aaron Royality Inc. cementing any deal in relation to the procurement, purchase and supply of any fuel.

There are special procurement procedures contract at the Guyana Oil Company and in this case, given the value of the supply, several persons would have to first sign off on the amount before a supplier can go ahead with the procurement. That we were told, was not done.