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GUYOIL Fuel Drama: Royality Inc. boss is no stranger to fraud charges and courtrooms

Principle of Aaron Royality Inc. Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron, Principle of Aaron Royality Inc. who has accused the Guyana Oil Company (Guyoil) of refusing to pay him for a shipment of fuel which he said the company ordered and has been refusing to pay for, is no stranger to the courtrooms and has been fingered and accused in the past of fraudulent transactions.

A simple google search of the name Jason Aaron would bring onto your screen, images of Aaron in handcuffs, or being escorted into or out of the court lockups for charges which were leveled against him.

Back in 2018, Jason Aaron whose address at the time was listed as Lot 232 Block ‘X’ Section ‘D’ Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara was charged with nine counts of fraud after issuing bounced cheques to persons.

Earlier in the same month, he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates Court with eight counts of fraud and four days after, was again in the court for the ninth charge of fraud.

Aaron in court documents back in 2018 was accused of borrowing $250,000 from someone he knew and vowed to repay the man. He then issued the man a cheque to the Bank of Baroda that bounced.

At the time he told his victim that he had secured a government contract and that he needed money as capital in order to secure the contract. When the money was made available to him, he honored (in the breach) his commitment to repay by issuing the bounced cheque.

Prior to that, Jason Aaron was dragged before the court for forgery of one Irrevocable Power of Attorney, property of Raymond Austin. The court was told back that between October 8 and October 28, 2017, at Eccles, EBD, with intent to defraud, he obtained the sum of $230,000 from Keron Kasaiwan by pretending that he had the money in his account at the Bank of Baroda, knowing that he did not have the said sum in his account to satisfy the amount. In that incident, he reportedly issued eight bounced cheques to Kasaiwan.

The Guyana Oil Company has launched an investigation to determine how a man with so many fraud charges could have been having engagements with senior officials of the state fuel company to provide procurement services as he claims.

It is believed that the fuel which Aaron claims to have already landed in Guyana four days ahead of schedule might not have even been procured and that he was attempting to get the company to pay him a huge advance from the USD $3 million costs for the fuel notwithstanding that a contract was never signed between either party.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that once Aaron expressed an interest in supplying the company with fuel, a background check was conducted on him and the past fraud charges against him popped up and that immediately raised red flags. One source indicated to this publication that the company could have never in any normal procedure continue to engage Aaron or his company after the evidence which they came upon.

General Manager Trevor Bassoo was sent on administrative leave in connection with the engagements he reportedly had with Aaron Royality Inc. Bassoo however took a decision to resign from his post hours after he received his letter instructing that he proceed on administrative leave.

Today when this publication attempted to reach out to Jason Aaron for a comment on these latest findings, we discovered that he barred this publication from reaching his phone.

The conclusion could be drawn that Jason Aaron was not very pleased with our initial article involving the fuel drama where he wanted certain details to be included but when asked to provide the supporting evidence for his claims, he refused and only made promises that those would be supplied.