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GTI to launch first local accredited welding facility

The Government Technical Institute will soon be launching it’s first accredited welding facility here in Guyana.

This was disclosed by the Principal of the Institute, Renita Crandon-Duncan, during ‘FOCUS’ a programme produced by BIG Smith News Watch.

Crandon-Duncan indicated that the Government of Guyana has already secured funding for the project through the Caribbean Development Bank and the Basic Needs Trust Fund.

The building’s drawing has already been completed and is expected to be housed in GTI’s compound on Woolford Avenue, Non-Pariel Park, Georgetown.

“What that does for us – that is a boost for Guyana because nowhere in Guyana has an accredited welding facility with the American Welding Society,” Crandon-Duncan explained.

The Principal noted that Trinidad and Jamaica are the only other two countries in the Caribbean with an accredited welding facility.

“So, it doesn’t only mean that only Guyanese who are already certified in welding.. they can just come and they are licensed through us but it means other countries can also come and be able to access our services.”

Additionally, she noted that the facility would also be a source of revenue outside of just providing licenses. She added, “That is something that we are really, really proud about here at GTI and will be the first.”

The commencement of the building was expected to come on stream in September last. However, Crandon-Duncan noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had stymied this process. She is hoping the building to start “as soon as the project releases the funds.”