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GPF does not deny dumping CARICOM nationals in cold concrete room with no beds/ mattresses

Hoppie breaks years-old tradition

Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie 

The Guyana Police Force has issued a statement where it regarded an earlier report by this publication as irresponsible, misleading and mischievous.


The release however did not refute the fact that the Haitians who were barred from entering Guyana were thrown into a cold concrete room without beds, sheets and mattresses when they arrived on Sunday and Monday.


The Guyana Police Force as usual when it is caught off-guard on Tuesday, placed itself in a deeper hole trying to justify its decision to bar 17 Haitians from entering Guyana.


“In clarifying the issue, the Guyana Police Force states that between Sunday May 23 and Monday May 24, 2021, seventeen (17) out of a total of sixty-one (61) Haitian Nationals, who had arrived aboard Caribbean Airlines flights at the Eugene Correia International Airport at Ogle, were refused entry into the country because of the fact that they did not satisfy Immigration requirements” The police press statement noted.


Repeated questions to the Police Force Corporate Communications United headed by Mark Ramotar and Stan Gouveia has however gone into hiding after media operatives begun grilling them extensively on what are the “Immigration Requirements” which they are claiming the Haitian Nationals failed to meet.


“Having not been landed, (Landed in  aviation terms means one has been denied entry into a country) the 17 Haitians have been kept at the Airport awaiting a return flight to their Port of Embarkation for their journey to Guyana.” The police statement further noted.


It continued… “They have since departed aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport, Ogle at 14:40 hours on today Tuesday May 25th, 2021”


BIG Smith News Watch has been able to confirm that there is a massive investigation taking place in another Caribbean Member State on allegations that Haitians are being smuggled across borders. Over the weekend, a senior government functionary reportedly traveled to that country where the official attended a meeting before returning to Guyana.


The instructions which were passed onto the Commissioner of Police on Tuesday and filtered down by the Commissioner to his juniors, have reportedly stemmed from the meeting in the Caribbean Member State and the visit to that country by a leading high-ranking government official.


Earlier today Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie, Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn, Public Works Minister Juan Edghill and head of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority Egbert Fields were among the officials who were contacted in relation to the barring of the Haitian Nationals from entering Guyana.


Over the last few months, the Guyana Police Force has been saddled with issuing statements defending reports in sections of the press since normal routine efforts to meet it’s Commissioner of Police are often greeted with apparent dodges and hiding from the press on the part of the Top Cop.

Sneaking into his car and driving off, sneaking back into the Police Officers Conference and never returning until the press leaves and opting to take a washroom break at the time media operatives approach him for comments and never resurfacing are just some of the glaring successful attempts by Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie to evade the press over the last few months.