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GGMC prosecutor busted with $$ he took to corrupt ongoing court case

GGMC prosecutor busted with $$ he took to corrupt ongoing court case

BUSTED: Sherwin Crandon 

A prosecutor from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission was on Wednesday arrested by the police during a sting operation after he collected three hundred thousand dollars from a miner to drop an ongoing court matter.

Arrested is 44-year-old Sherwin Crandon of 4 George Street Werk-en-Rust.

BIG Smith News Watch was informed that in 2019, the gold miner was charged by the GGMC for illegally mining at Blackwater, Mahdia. The man stated that on Wednesday, Crandon reached out to him and state he was willing to dismiss the case against him if he pays, the minder would pay three hundred thousand dollars and if he does not, he will be convicted of the offense.

The miner then reached out to the police who he informed of Crandon’s unprofessional proposition.

The Sting operation was set up and Crandon was given a location in Kitty to meet and collect the funds at 16:00hrs.

After the money was handed over to Crandon, the police moved in and arrested him. A search of his person found the marked 300,000 inside his back pocket.

Crandon admitted that he works with the GGMC as a prosecutor and that he was prosecuting a matter against the said miner. He further stated that he indeed collected the money from the man but that he only wanted to borrow it.

Sherwin Crandon is presently in police custody and will face the courts.