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Five injured in Berbice early morning crash

The car the five were in at the timeย 

Five persons were early Tuesday morning rushed for medical attention after the car they were in HC 4909 slammed into an unregistered motor lorry at Clifton Public Road, Corentyne Berbice.

Driver of the car Neilawghun Subadar 46,ย  Indranie Permaul 38, Nankumar Raganandan 43, Chatenauth Hardat 40 and Donna Balkarran 43 all cheated death this morning.

Police sources indicated that the lorry was parked on the parapet when the driver lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the ride front of said lorry.

Five injured in Berbice early morning crash
The lorry the car slammed into

The occupants of the car were taken out of the mangled vehicle in a consciousย  conditionsย  and taken to Port Mourant Public Hospital by the owner of the motor lorry.

They were seen and examined by a doctor who treated the occupants which saw Donna Balkarran being treated for observation.

The driver Neilawghun Subadar, Indranie Permaul and Nankumar Raganandan were transferred to New Amsterdam Public Hospital where they were further treated and admitted in the said institution.

Indranie Permaul suffered a fractured hip, Nankumar Raganandan suffered from trauma to head and Neilawaghun Subadar suffered from internal injuries. Their conditions are regarded as serious