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Fisherman missing as boat capsizes

FEARED DEAD: 28 Y O Suresh Dhaneshwar

Several fishing boats from the D’Edward village three door sluice are currently on a search mission to rescue a 28 year old fisherman whose vessel capsized following an accident around 0200 hrs Wednesday morning.

The missing fisherman has been identified Suresh Dhaneshwar also known as Sonny of Rosignol railway line.

Dhaneshwar and another man were the only occupants of the fishing vessel at the time the mishap occurred.

The other person only known as Corpy survived the accident and is currently assisting Police in their investigations.

As at 1100 hrs the boat had been reoovered beached.
But there was no sign of Dhaneshwar.

At the Three Door sluice relatives gathered moods alternating between hope and despair. Seven boats are involved in the search but as at 11:25 hrs none had returned.