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Father found dead by 11-Y-O son; Foul play suspected

A 31 year Old Man was this morning found dead by his son at his Lot 43 Norton Street Bagotstown Home, East Bank Demerara.

Dead is Raoul Anthony Melville, a skilled all-rounder  who at the time of his death, worked as a taxi driver.

His mother Shaifali Melville also known as Annie, told BIG Smith News Watch that she was at home two houses away (in the same yard with her son’s house) when she sent her grandson (Melville’s son) to call him.

The young man immediately return to inform her that something was wrong with his dad, ‘He is dead she recalled her grandson telling her. Other family members were informed as were the police.

Relatives found that the house in which the father of three lived, was ransacked, his mosquito net was torn down, he carried marks of violence to his back and neck, they music was on in his house and his body lay on the floor.

It was communicated to this publication that rerecently, someone ended up in a fender-bender with Melville and promised to his vehicle.

Recently however, when Melville went to enquire about the commitment to fix his vehicle, persons associated with the person who jammed Melville’s vehicle ran him out of the yard with a cutlass and other objects.

It is not clear at this point, if that incident was reported to the police.