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Essequibo reacts to SWAT killing of businessman

Burning debris at a Bridge in Dartmouth, Essequibo in response to the killing of Orin Boston

The burning of debris has erupted in the community of Dartmouth on the Essequibo Coast as a direct reaction of the Police Force’s SWAT Unit’s killing of 29 Year old Businessman Orin Boston.

An old fridge with brambles and other debris block a road in Dartmouth, Essequibo

Boston was shot and killed during a SWAT operation this morning in Essequibo.

Residents and relatives from Dartmouth, the community where Boston and his family are from, blocked a bridge and began burning debris in protest of the killing.

Residents of Dartmouth Essequibo take the streets to protest the police killing of Orin Boston

Sources on the ground this morning claimed that Orin Boston was shot while trying to wrestle a gun away from a member of the SWAT Unit.

SWAT kills businessman during Essequibo operation
SWAT KILLED: Businessman Orin Boston

No official report from the Guyana Police Force as yet been issued in relation to the shooting.

The Police are on the ground and are said to attempting to bring the situation under control.

This morning’s shooting is also engaging the attention of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.