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Enrico Woolford sues NCN over unpaid vacation allowance, gratuity 

Veteran Journalist Enrico Woolford

Veteran Journalist Enrico Woolford who was fired as Chief Executive Officer of the National Communications Network (NCN), a mere 10 days after the PPP/C Government took office last year, is suing the company for $7, 796, 688 in unpaid vacation allowance and gratuity.

In court documents filed earlier this month, Woolford said that he is the immediate past General Manager of NCN, by way of a written employment contract.

According to him, he served in the capacity from April 01, 2018 to July 31, 2020, when he and NCN mutually opted not to renew the contract. Under the contract, Woolford said he was entitled to a monthly salary of $800, 000.

Also, he said he was entitled to the following allowances: duty $40, 000; travel $80, 000; entertainment $40, 000; housing $50,000; security $30, 000; refreshment $10, 000, gratuity 22 ½ per cent of his salary paid bi-annually; vacation allowance equivalent to one month’s basic salary and a cell phone allowance up to $15, 000.

According to Woolford, he was unable to exhaust all of his contractual duties, and at the date of the effective termination of his employment, he was entitled to the sum.

He said, too, that despite promises by NCN that the monies would be made to him in installments, he has not received a penny.

In court documents, Woolford produced email correspondence between him and NCN’s Human Resources Manager, Lissette Nurse who informed him that he will be given $1, 299, 488 per month until the unpaid benefits are paid in light of the company’s financial position.

But according to him, this has not been forthcoming. Woolford therefore contends, “there is no excuse in law for [NCN] repeated failure to pay the benefits almost several months after they become due and payable.”

In the circumstances, he is asking the court to grant an Order compelling NCN to pay him the monies, interest on all monetary awards, costs and any such further or other Orders  the court deems just.

This lawsuit is fixed to come up for hearing before Chief Justice Roxane George. Attorney-at-Law Eusi Anderson filed the matter on behalf of Woolford.

By way of a letter dated August 12, 2020, Public Affairs Minister Kwame McCoy informed Woolford that his appointment as a Director on the Board of Directors of NCN was terminated with immediate effect.