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EBD Traffic congestion to dip as Mocha to Diamond Road opens

In this composite photo, President Irfaan Ali and Ministers Croal and Rodrigues unveils the plaque to the road linking Diamond and Mocha, East Bank Demerara 

Commuters traversing the main East Bank Highway Public Road should have immediate ease of built-up traffic effective immediately as the road interlink between Mocha and Diamond was officially opened this morning at 06:30 AM by President Irfaan Ali.

The road which starts from the fourth bridge along the Mocha Arcadia Access Road runs right through to 6th Avenue Diamond.

The connection is vital as it now allows motorists and commuters who live in Diamond, prospect, Little Diamond, and great Diamond to all escape the build-up of traffic along the Main East bank Highway by using the newly commissioned road.

The road was first conceptualized back in 2013 by the President while he sat as the Minister of Housing.

At the opening this morning, President Irfaan Ali said the foundation for the road was already completed when the PPP was removed from Office in 2015 but that the project was never picked up by the APNU Government, In fact, the project was scrapped.

President Ali on his way to the commissioning noticed that the road was being used heavily by persons to jog and exercise and has immediately asked the Director of Projects at the Ministry of Housing to put systems in place so that jogging paths can be established along the shoulder of the road so persons can safely jog and exercise.

President Irfaan Ali has indicated that the specific road was built only to accommodate small vehicles and SUVs. He indicated that there are barriers along the road to prevent trucks from traversing the said road and cautioned truck drivers that if they remove the barriers that are placed along the roadway, they will deal with the consequences.

Minister Susan Rodrigues in commenting on the road’s commissioning said that the road could have been done a long time ago but it was politicized. She said that the relief to the motorists traversing the East Bank will be evident almost immediately.

Minister Colin Croal related that the presence of the road opened new opportunities for the surrounding areas as a new school will be constructed and several new housing areas will be opened as well as industrial and commercial zones which would see mass employment.