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Dr. Roach’s mobile recovered in Franklin’s backyard

The recovered mobile phone of Dr. Roach and the red rubberised casing in which it was. At right is Hilton Franklin.

As the police investigations into the murder of Dr. Colin Roach continues, so too are the daily breakthroughs in the case.

On Saturday the police combed the backyard of Hilton Franklin at Bess Village, West Coast Demerara where the young man pointed detectives to where he hid Dr. Colin Roach’s iPhone.

The young man who remains the prime suspect in the case tossed the phone into a clump of bushes at the back of his yard.

The Guyana Police Force based on what this publication was told, has the capacity to crack iPhone passcodes and so it is expected that vital information may now be acquired by the police with the phone now in their possession.

Detectives were only able to recover one of the two mobile phones belonging to the now dead doctor which were taken during the murder.

One other phone has still not been recovered and the police are still hoping that they can locate the DVR (camera footage recorder) which would really prove to be an enhancing factor to the work already being done by the detectives working on the case.

The Guyana Police Force Major Crimes Unit began cracking the case of Dr. Roach after they reviewed CCTV footage from around the Kingston community.

The first breakthrough was the discovery of Dr. Roach’s vehicle which was found on the West Bank Demerara.

There was then the arrest and detention of Franklin who was at the time attempting to flee to neighbouring Suriname via the Corentyne backtrack route. Two gold rings belonging to Dr. Roach were found in his possession.

Then there was the arrest of an accomplice, Byass who was picked up at his place of work, a call centre located on Robb Street in Georgetown.

Byass’s entrance into the detectives puzzle fixing of case, brought about some new perspectives to investigation as he contradicted several aspects of the alleged confession statement provided to the police by Franklin. franklin was arrested an few hours earlier than Byass.