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Dr. Roach murder: Cops get confession; staff tampered evidence for suspect

L-R Murder suspect Hilton Oliver Junior Frank and Deceased Dr. Colin Roach

BY: Michael Jordan

It started with rounds of Guinness. It ended in murder.

Mere hours after his capture, 25 year old Hilton Oliver Junior Franklin has reportedly provided detectives with a chilling account of what transpired last Tuesday at Dr. Colin Roach’s Kingston clinic, and what allegedly led to the physician’s brutal murder.

While Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum would only confirm that the suspect has ‘confessed’ and is co-operating’, we are being told by other sources that 25 year old Hilton Oliver Junior Franklin, captured mere hours ago, has admitted to inflicting the fatal blows to Dr. Roach’s skull, allegedly after a session of drinking turned violent.

According to sources, he has also claimed that one of the male staffers helped him, and another youth, cover up the crime.

The Best Village, West Coast Demerara youth allegedly said that he drove to Dr. Roache’s office at around 5.00 p.m. last Tuesday in a rented vehicle. His male accomplice, allegedly a frequent visitor to the clinic, was already there.

In the clinic, they began to ‘drink Guinness’, and he claimed that Dr. Roach became ‘intoxicated’ and pushed him towards a cot in the area.

The youth alleged that he fell to the floor near to a metal object. He allegedly picked up the ‘metal object’ and struck Dr. Roach twice to the head.

As the physician lay dead, the suspect claimed one of the doctor’s male employees assisted him and the other man to tamper with the DVR (digital video recorder) on the premises. The staffer also allegedly helped the killers to wipe off fingerprints from the area.

The killers then left. The detained man allegedly drove off in the rented car, while the accomplice drove off with Dr. Roach’s vehicle.

Both vehicles have been recovered. Two of Dr. Roach’s employees remain in custody.

Meanwhile, Crime Chief Blanhum revealed that police are pursuing a female who assisted Franklin in travelling to Berbice.

Police are still to locate the young man who Franklin said was with him when dr. Roach was killed.