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DPP accused of victimization in jail cell video

DPP accused of victimization in jail cell video

Remanded Prisoner Lennox Wayne called two Colours 

Murder accused Lennox Wayne called ‘two colours’ is calling on the Director of Public Prosecution Shalimar Ali-Hack to honor her lawful and legal obligation to afford him a trial within a reasonable time. Wayne made this call via a video purportedly recorded from his jail cell.

In the video which was anonymously sent to this publication the man is accusing the DPP of deliberately keeping him behind bars.

“I am sending this message to the DPP Ms. Ali Hack, I wanted to ask you a few questions, why is it that you are victimizing me, you don’t want to call my case you don’t want me to get a fair trial and you are saying the best thing for me is in prison” Wayne is recorded saying.

The accused said he has been awaiting a retrial since the hung jury in 2017. The man accused the DPP, a muslim, of refusing to provide him a fair trial because of ‘your Muslim brother’ an apparent reference to deceased businessman Mohamed Khan known as MFK.

“I showed where I was at the present moment when the Lusignan Cosmetologist (Ashmini Harriram) murder take place (back in 2004) all I need from you is a fair trial, give me a fair trial, stop victimizing me, you are victimizing me, stop doing it, my lawyer write to the DPP system so many times for me to get an early trial and you are not calling the matter,” Wayne appealed.

The man questioned whether the DPP was not calling the matter out of something he might have done her.

I have a family, my family is frustrated, I have kids I have things to do, you can’t get me here punishing for something I did not do for all these years, seven years behind walls,” a clearly emotional Wayne said, “for what..on remand? For something I did not do? All I need you to do is to ensure that my case call very soon, very very soon that is what I am calling for, bring the case on the table, if you convict me, you convict me if I got to get free, I got to get free and so be it, thank you very much,” Wayne ended his video by saying.