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Dover’s father wanted police to question her boyfriend from day one

Focus on ‘Iswe's’ sexuality rather than his alleged crime was unfortunate- SASOD

The father of 20-year-old Shonette Dover whose body was found in a shallow grave at Canvas City, Wismar, Linden on Friday, said he always suspected that his daughter was killed by her then boyfriend and indicated same to the police.

Selwyn Heywood in an interview with BIG Smith News Watch said, “if the police did listen to me from the start, we would have picked up the girl a bit earlier.”

Heywood said he also told his family of his suspicions but no one took him seriously. “Them saying no, how I think she dead…[but] I knew it all along the way,” the father of five said.

Dover who works as a bartender went missing on April 03, 2021. A missing person’s report was filed on April 5, 2021.

Heywood said since Dover’s disappearance, several fake calls and messages were sent to the family which he believes were deliberate attempts by the suspects to mislead the search party.

“Since my daughter been missing, we searched the East Coast, I think that was a set up, we get a call from Mabura, that was a set up, when we go there we turn up with nothing. People messaging and saying things but I keep saying that that boy kill my child,” the father recalled.

Following information received, police on Friday morning interviewed Dover’s 15-year-old sister who led them to a shallow grave at Canvas City, Wismar Linden where the woman’s decomposed body was found. The grave was found in the back yard of the woman’s boyfriend identified as Shaquawn Alleyne.

The teen told police that on the night of April 3, she was with her sister at Alleyne’s residence when he was oiling his gun and reportedly shot Dover by accident. The young man reportedly told his father who instead of filing a police report, helped buried the body.

Allegations of deliberately misleading the investigative team matches videos and messages posted by Alleyne who not only joined the search party but plead with the woman to return home despite knowing where he buried her.

Police arrested the father of the suspect and the teen pending investigations, and issued a wanted bulletin for Alleyne.

Heywood said his step-daughter never mentioned anything before the police confession and feels she should also face the brunt of the law.

“She never mentioned anything…She supposed to be facing she judgement also. I feel real sad about it. I feel real bad about it because I ain’t expect that from she. She is a lil girl, she always like [her] sister, her sister always get her with she…and I feel really bad about it,” the man said as he called for justice.

“I was there talking with her…and she know it in the whole that these people kill my sister and where they bury she and she didn’t come out and say anything. I feel real disappointed in her,” he added.

Fighting to hold back tears, Heywood told the Big Smith News Watch; “He kill her and it’s sad and I need justice. I need real justice. Each and every single soul that in it, I need justic