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Diamond man arrested for gun possession

Dhanny Rajkumar and his ‘belongings

Two police ranks performing anti-crime patrol on Monday in the vicinity of Tucville arrested a 30 year old Diamond Housing Scheme man for possession of arms.

In custody is Dhanny Rajkumar of Lot 28 School Street Diamond who was at the time riding motorcycle CK 2563 along Jackson Street in Tucville. He according to police sources is unemployed.

We were told that upon seeing the lawmen, Rajkumar pulled the weapon from his waist and tossed it onto the parapet then increased the speed of his motorcycle in a bid to escape.

One of the ranks stopped and picked up the firearm while the other gave chase after the suspect and eventually managed to apprehended him.

The weapon was found to be a Taurus pistol with no ammunition, it’s serial number was also filed off.

The motorcycle and gun have since been lodged while Rajkumar was placed into custody pending investigations.