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DEVELOPING: 4 missing as boats collide in river mishap

Boat Captainโ€™s body found in fuel tank onboard vessel

Four men are now missing following the collision of two boats in the Berbice River on Tuesday evening.

BIG Smith News Watch has been able to confirm that Julian McKenzie, Godfrey Lindy, Freeman DenHearte, and Romario DenHearte- the son of Freeman are the persons who are now missing.

We were told that the men were traveling in up the Berbice River in a boat when a larger boat collided with the one they were in.

The four missing men were said to be en route to Sandhill, located some sixty miles up the Berbice River when the incident occurred. It is reported that the collision took place just after 19:00hrs.

Residents who heard the loud impact and rushed to the scene have indicated to the police detectives that the smaller boat was broken into two pieces as a result of the impact.

When they raced to the location, only personal effects belonging to the four persons were seen floating in the water.

BIG Smith News Watch is tracking this story and will provide additional information as it becomes available.