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Assistant Superintendent allegedly paid to drop rape case involving 14-Y-0 girl

Deputy Superintendent allegedly paid to drop rape case involving 14-Y-0 girl

The Whim Police Station where the Assistant Superintendent was stationedย 

An Assistant Superintendent of Police who up to eight days ago was stationed on the Corentyne in a supervisory position was removed out of the area following several instances of alleged unprofessional conduct during the execution of his duties.

The allege misconducts range from facilitating the holding of events and gathering during against the COVID-19 guidelines, demanding money from members of the public to settle matters and he himself hosted a party at Whim, Corentyne Berbice a few weeks ago. That particular matter is said to be engaging the attention of the Commissioner of Police.

Days after the officer was removed out of the sub-division, a family from Bath Settlement came forward and accused him of taking $100,000 dollars from them to settle a rape matter but to their surprise, the matter continues to receive the attention of the police and the Child Care and Protection Agency.

Speaking with BIG Smith News Watch on Monday morning, the father of a pregnant fourteen-year-old girl related that on July 16, 2020, he paid the officer the money after a matter of rape was brought to the police attention by medical and child care officers.

Since then, the policeman directly and through his associates have reportedly been approaching the family who reportedly paid him the money to take it back and no longer continue with providing statements against him in the matter.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that as late as Sunday, the policeman in the company of a nephew of his, went to the brotherโ€™s home of the report and asked him to persuade the complainant to take back his money. He reportedly told the brother of the man that he was not prepared to lose his job over one hundred thousand dollars and that if he does, it will not end nice.

The father of the 14-year-old girls this publication that earlier this year, his daughter ran away with an eighteen-year-old young man but the family did not report the matter to the police as the child indicated that if she cannot have the man she would commit suicide.

The father told this publication that his daughter ended up becoming pregnant for the eighteen-year-old and when they went to enroll in the maternity clinic, the nurses there questioned her and as such, a process that is mandated to be activated when such matters occur, kicked in. the police were called and the child care and protection agency informed.

When the family went to the station the junior ranks informed the father of the child that the young man would have to be taken into custody and that following investigation he is likely to be charged. The father of the girl then asked to see the Officer in charge and was directed to the Assistant Superintendent.

โ€œI asked to speak with the officer in charge and I asked him what advice he can give me. He asked me how much money I have and if I have a hundred thousand dollars and I said I donโ€™t have that amount of money on me. He said that let me give him a hundred thousand and he will drop the matter and put the boy on bail so I went back the midday and pay him the money. Then a few days after the police call me to say the boy got to come to the station.โ€ The man told BIG Smith News Watch.

He said that he was upset that he paid his money and that the matter is still being handled by the police when the officer told him that he would have taken care of it.

Questioned why he thought it was right to give the policeman money to drop such a matter, the matter, the man said that he did not want his daughter to kill herself and that he has never had to deal with police matters before in his life.

He further explained that he borrowed fifty thousand dollars from his neighbor to assist in bribing the officer and the rest was what he took out from his home savings from his labor and handyman jobs he usually does.

The fourteen-year-old is four months pregnant according to what this publication was told.