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Decomposing remains of uncontactable man found in home

The body of Ramesh Dhanraj (inset) being removed by undertakers

The badly decomposed remains of 45-year-old Ramesh Dhanraj were discovered on Wednesday morning in his home at #71 Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

The man’s daughter, Sumintra Dhanraj, said her father, formerly of #58 Village, had been taking care of the home for the past 10 months, since the owner lives abroad. However, she noted that for the past 3-4 days they had been trying to make contact with the man via phone, but were unsuccessful in doing so.

After days of not receiving a response or return call from him, they decided to visit the place where he lived on Wednesday morning. They were greeted by a strong stench emanating from the building as they were about to enter.

“He does usually drink and go hang out with friends and stuff, so when I call and didn’t get through I was not so worried, because that’s normal thing for him; he don’t answer his phone once he is on this drinking thing. He does drink and get drunk and fall asleep.”

The woman said her father had been suffering from a number of ailments, the major one being hypertension.

Dhanraj was described by his daughter as a caring and loving father, but since he had moved out of their house some years ago as a result of a split between their parents, he started to drink frequently.

“After he and my mother separated he take to drinking more, as he was living by himself,” Sumintra stated.