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CRUSHED BY GARBAGE TRUCK: ‘We are left without a son’- Parents

CRUSHED BY GARBAGE TRUCK: ‘We are left without a son’- Parents

DEAD: Enam Holder

Nigel and Roxanne Holder are broken after being placed in the same position they were placed in just about two years ago where they have to bury one of their off-springs.

Nine-year-old Enam Holder, a student of the Sophia Primary was killed on the spot Sunday Morning after he was crushed by a Garbage Truck which was on duty in C Field Sophia.

At the time of the incident, Enam and a sister of his were returning from their uncle’s shop which is located a short distance away.

On Sunday evening in Sophia, Enam’s parents said that they were broken as they are now left without a son. The couple said they were forced to bury another child two years ago when he accidentally took one too many iron tablets and had to be rushed to the hospital where he died while receiving medical treatment. That child was two years old.

During our visit to the community on Sunday, we caught up with the couple at a relative’s house. Nigel explained to this publication that he was heading home when he received the information about his son being crushed to death further up the road.

CRUSHED BY GARBAGE TRUCK: ‘We are left without a son’- Parents
Enam’s parents as they  engaged BIG Smith News Watch on Sunday evening

Roxanne Holder the boy’s mother who stood beside her husband as he spoke with this publication, could not speak with this publication as she was too emotional.

The man explained that as he approached the location, he saw several persons racing to the scene and when he got there, he saw his son’s brain matter on the road as the lad laid on the mudflat of the road motionless.

According to Nigel Holder, he was not able to see the driver but was told that the man jumped into his vehicle after the accident and tried to make his way to the police station to report the matter. He however aborted that operation fled and left the truck running as he fled on foot to the police station.

The police in a statement said a test for alcohol level was done on the driver of the truck and none was found in his system.