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Couple loses car during armed robbery

The car the Sings lose during the robber

A couple who was out last night gaffing with a businesswoman in Region 3 was relieved of their car when a lone gunman pounced on them as they sat outside a supermarket at New Road Vreed-En-Hoop.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that somewhere around 21:15hrs, the trio were at the location when the bandit ran up to them.

By this time, the supermarket owner who was also with the couple, noticed the gunman approaching and ran into her establishment and secured herself.

He pulled out his handgun and approached Vickram Singh who paid him little mind, he then move to the man’s wife and demanded that she hand over all that she had.

The woman complied but not before hiding her husband’s phone which she had at the time, under her leg.

We were told that the bandit then put his hands into the woman’s pocket and remove GYD $20,000 cash which she had on her person at the time.

After robbing the couple, the bandit entered their car PRR 314 (a wine red Toyota Allion) and drove off.

The couple is asking anyone who may have spotted the car or have an information as to where is is located, to contact the nearest police station.