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Cop (without vaccine book) move to tears as he is denied access to medical care

An on-duty plainclothes policeman was on Saturday evening, denied entry to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he showed up to seek emergency medical attention.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that the policeman was rushed to the hospital after being at working and complaining of feeling unwell. Upon his arrival at the hospital, the security guard refused to allow the policeman entry into the compound on the basis that he did not have his vaccinated card on him.

In tears, the policeman telephoned this publication to indicate that he was not being allowed to enter the hospital and that he is being asked to produce a Covid-19 Vaccination booklet before he can be able to access medical attention.

Prior to going to the hospital, the police reached out to this publication to indicate that he was not feeling well and that he was being taken to the hospital but is afraid to go because of his experience on Friday evening.

According to him, something keeps locking off his throat and making it difficult for him to breathe, On Friday night when he visited the hospital (with his vaccination card) he claimed that a doctor just looked at him from head to toe then wrote up a paper (referral) and told he needed to visit a health center. (that referral was presented to this publication)

The policeman recounting Friday’s experience while on his way to the hospital on Saturday night. he expressed the fear of returning to the GPHC as he did not want to encounter the doctor from Friday evening who took no time to physically examine him. However, this publication encouraged the officer to continue his journey to the hospital and that if he had any issues that he should reach out back to us. When he arrived, he was denied entry and turned away.

“I went to GPHC to see a doctor when I was about to enter the guard stop me and ask me if I have a vaccine book and I said man I forgot it home and work I come from because I am not feeling well and he told me I cannot enter. It break my heart to see how I was treated as an officer in this country” the police in tears told BIG Smith News Watch.

Health officials stated that this directive was communicated to all staff through a memo

The Georgetown Public Hospital has initially stated that any person seeking medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital will need to show proof of vaccination. However, that notice was then abandoned and a new notice surfaced which states that no persons seeking medical attention at any health facility should be denied entry.

On Saturday evening, several officials reached out to this publication to inform that the incident is being investigated and that the notice which allows persons seeking medical attention, access to health facilities remains in effect.