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Cop critical as drunk driver knocks him down, runs him over and drive away

ARRESTED: Abdool Safraz Nasir
An on-duty policeman was last evening struck down by a speeding car driven by a drunk driver who after hitting him off a force issued motorcycle, drove over him and then escape from the accident scene without rendering any assistance. The police man is now in a critical condition in the hospital.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that just after 23:00hrs Tuesday night, police Seargent Rajendra Major of the Providence Police Station along with another rank were on patrol duties in the vicinity of Peter’s Hall when the accident took place.

Motorcar car PSS 3327 owned and driven by Abdool Safraz 36 years old of Lot 123 Cow Pen Street Eccles  clipped the back of the motorcycle which the policeman was riding at the time. The car according to eye witnesses was going a very fast rate and in an uncontrollable manner.

The collision caused the policeman to be flung into air, landed on the windscreen of the vehicle and then fell onto the roadway. Safraz then drove over the police man and kept driving along his merry way but not meet too far.

A short distance away, he collided with a pickup with several occupants, causing that vehicle to flip and ended up in a trench with its occupants.

The persons were pulled to safety and taken to the hospital where they were treated and sent away.

Policeman Major who was also taken to the hospital was listed as critical and admitted to the hospital with head injuries. At the accident scene, the cop could be seen bleeding from a wound to the head.

Micheal Oie 39 (driver) of lot 62 West Ruimveldt Chris Gallway 33, Melissa Haeley 32, Patricia Gallway 52 and Emmanuel Gallway 3 years all of 62 West Ruimveldt were the occupants of PHH 9496 which Safraz crashed into at Bagotstown after knocking down the policeman at Peter’s Hall and driving away.

A breathalyser test was conducted on Abdool Safraz Nazir and the reading returned showing 79 and 146 micrograms of alcohol in his system.