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Contractor’s failure to honor multi-million gun delivery to GDF leads to lawsuit

A section of the contract Larry Singh signed

Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall has filed a lawsuit against businessman Larry Singh over his failure to deliver over $369, 604,271 in weapons and ammunition to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), despite being paid in full.

In court documents released today Wednesday, in December 2014, November 2015, and March 2016, Singh entered into contracts with the GDF for the sum of $380, 527,421, for the supply and delivery of weapons and ammunition.

Chief-of-Staff Godfrey Bess, in an affidavit, said that Singh was sole-sourced to provide the following weapons and ammunition under the first contract.

They are: 50 Taurus 92-9mm pistol; 500 AK 47/AK 103 Rifle; 200,000 7.62 by 51 balls ammunition;500 10-gauge blank cartridge and 50,000 9 mm ammunition. These were to be supplied at $152, 053,65.

Under a second contract, Singh was also contracted to supply the following weapons and ammunition at $200,242,770. They are: 50 Glock 9MM pistol Gen 4/17; 500 AK47/AK03 rifles; 200,000 7.62 by 51 Ball ammunition; 50,000 9MM ammunition and 32,100 9 MM Ball STD.

In a third contract, Singh was to supply 100 AK47 rifles at the cost of $27,065,500. However, according to Bess, he only supplied 500 10-gauge blank cartridges; 200 12-gauge blank cartridges, and 50 9MM Glock Pistols at the cost of $10, 923,150.

In light of the circumstances, Bess says that Singh is in debt to the GDF for $369,604,271. According to Bess, repeated demands by the Guyana Defence Force for a refund have been futile.

In the lawsuit filed this week, the Attorney General is asking the court to order Singh to pay the monies with interest. The Attorney General is also asking the court to make any such further or any other orders the court seems just and to award costs.