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Constable who battered woman is now in police custody

Abuser is back! more blows, child injured after woman drops charges

Regional Commander of Police Division 4-C Kali Pareshram on Wednesday morning confirmed that Seresttee Brittlebank has turned himself over to the police.

Police constable batters reputed wife then goes into hiding
The level of battery that Williams received from Brittlebank

Brittlebank is the policeman who battered his reputed wife Lavinia Williams last week and then went into hiding while still communicating with her begging her not to damage his image and character.

BIG Smith News Watch is informed that the police constable turned himself in at the Vigilance Police Station on Thursday afternoon.

He was reportedly in hiding at his mother’s home in Linden but decided to surrender after this publication carried an article where Williams detailed how he battered her and the role his mother and other relatives played over the months she has been subjected to the battering.

We were told that Brittlebank and other relatives traveled down to Georgetown on Thursday and while Brittlebank continued the journey to the police station, a number of his family members including his mother stopped short at the home of Lavinia Williams they reportedly begged her to give him a second chance and drop the charges against him.

The woman contacted this publication with the development and stated that she has no intention of dropping the matter against her abuser.

Last week Thursday, Brittlebank battered Williams after they left a party where she had confronted a colleague of his about reportedly encouraging and facilitating Brittlebank with his acts of infidelity.

“He put me in the car and while we were coming down the dam, he started beating me in the car, he stopped the car and started beating me and I got blackout… I recall waking up back and just instinctively feeling for something in the car to defend myself because he was still beating me and my hand land on a hammer and hit him on his head and from there it started worst” Williams recalled.