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City Hall receives capacity development sessions

Bids to rehabilitate City Hal to be opened this week

City Councilors and administrative staff of the Georgetown Mayor and Cutt Council recently participated in a capacity building and professional development workshop.

Empower Guyana Consultancy and the City Council collaborated to pull off the training which was aimed at ensure more efficiency coming from those within the City Council.

A group of youth ambassadors headed by Amar Panday who heads the Consultancy, walked the council through several presentations which produces positive work ethics and development.

Panday in his presentations told the council of the importance for them and all supporting arms of the council to work in sync if they are expected to truly serve the Georgetown residents.

“This can only be achieved when everyone involved adopts a mindset of growth and the need, willpower and perseverance to push through the challenges and stumbling blocks. Adopting this will also mean being willing to accept change in the working environment” Panday noted.

Longtime Councilor Ivelaw Henry in summing up the benefits of the sessions felt the training was timely.

“Many of the concepts we dealt with were made practical for the City Council as we are going through evolution and we have to adopt to the changes of the time [and] these training programs are very relevant for this time,” Councilor Henry noted.

He added that for the council, the main issue would be application of the things which they were exposed to during the two days session.

Mayor of the M&CC Pandit Ubraj Narine a<span;>t the conclusion of the session expressed gratitude to the team and stressed the need for similar initiatives.

“I am happy because of this [program]…it brought out the different views officers and [we] were able to share our views openly at this level,  I believe that the only way an organization can grow is when we have this kind of dialogue,” the mayor noted.

Empower Guyana expects to conduct similar sessions with many other professional sectors over the next few months.