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‘Check with accounts department’ FB post lands businessman in police custody

Businessman Sanjay Persaud was on Friday arrested by the police hours after he posted a notice on his Facebook Page asking that a particular young lady make urgent contact with the accounts department of his jewelry store.

The young lady after being made aware of the facebook post, made a police report against the businessman for cuber bullying for associating her with a bad debt which she claims she knows nothing about.

Contacted on Friday afternoon, Sanjay Persaud told BIG Smith News Watch that the woman reportedly visited his store on two occasions last year and collected items and cash which she promised to repay but never did.

Following a confrontation at the Brickdam Police Station yesterday between the two, the businessman was released on self bail as the police continues to investigate the matter.

Several businesses and individuals are in the habit of posting the photos and personal information about others as they seek to distance themselves from them.

The issue has also been a sore one as many companies who also lose workers through resignations would issue public statements distancing themselves from the former employee, however, often times, those notices are worded in a manner that seeks to discredit the individuals who the notices are about.

In the case of Sanjay Persaud, the young woman is calling on him to remove his post and offer her a public apology since she is adamant that she had no transaction with him.