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CANU gets back its old head James Singh

BACK ON THE JOB: James Singh

Former head of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), James Singh, has been reinstated to his former post with immediate effect.

Singh who joined the agency sometime in late 2008 was sent home by the APNU+AFC government in 2017, after almost ten years on the job.

No official statement has been released as yet, by the government or Ministry of Home Affairs, about Singh’s return.

Big Smith was told, however, that Singh reported for work today, and will be taking over from previous head Leslie Ramlall.

Ramlall has been at the forefront of the drugs fight over the last few years, leading operations and adopting a hands-on approach towards the battle against illicit drugs and substances.

He was responsible for busts the back in 2017 of the cocaine in rice and lumber shipments which amounted to several hundred kilos, as well as the arrests of a number of foreign nationals who were reportedly linked to a submersible cocaine-carrying vessels right here in Guyana.

Singh was also a regarded as a hands-on drug enforcement officer during his period at the unit, and it was under his command that the arrest of Barry Dataram was executed, and the discovery was made of a submersible cocaine vessel in the North West District.