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Businessman executed, another hit multiple times in hail of bullets on Regent Street

Businessman Euclides Erian Da Silva of Hadfield Street in Georgetown was executed moments ago on Regent Street as gunmen open fire on the vehicle he and another man were in.

Da Sliva died on the spot while the other man, said to be an East Indian, was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to the body.

Euclides Erian Da Silva Is no stranger to law enforcement and was arrested by local law enforcement and handed over to Brazilian authorities back in 2010 where he was listed as one of that country’s most wanted men.

When he was found and arrested in Guyana, he was said to be in possession of a forged passport.

A few years ago, DaSilva was also the subject of a police late-night high-speed chase after driving through a police roadblock and through several city streets.