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Brickdam Suicide victim had domestic issues was arrested and was Psychiatric patient,

Brickdam Suicide victim had domestic issues was arrested and was Psychiatric patient,

Police sources have confirmed that at the time Animal Welfare Officer 49-Year-Old Trudy DeHaarte shot herself dead inside the Brickdam Police Station Compound, ranks there were actively investigating a domestic issue which was being reported by her husband. he was inside the enquires room at the time the woman shot herself.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that DeHaarte’s husband pointed her out to the police as he was making his report and saw her standing on the road outside of the police station.

The police then approached DeHaarte and invited her into the enquires office. She was being escorted into the station when she whipped out the weapon and shot herself.

We were told by one senior officer that initial checks have revealed that there was no report at the station made by the woman against anyone.

Questioned about the presence of a sentry at the Brickdam Police Station, the officer noted that one is usually posted and was posted at the time of the shooting.

A statement from the Guyana Police Force noted that the woman’s husband left their home about one week now and began living with his father on the West Bank Demerara.

According to the police, the police, the woman’s husband who operates a taxi, said Dehaarte approached his vehicle on Monday morning and hit his car with an object which was wrapped in a cloth. The man, the release added, drove to the police station where the woman followed him.

The Police confirmed that the woman was up to the time of her death, receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital Psychiatric Clinic.