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BREAKING: Police Finance Officer, others sent on leave in $80+ million alleged fraud

SENT ON LEAVE: GPF Finance Officer Washington

Finance Officer of the Guyana Police Force, Senior Superintendent Marceleen Washington sent on leaveย  pending an auditย  over the alleged misappropriation of more than $80 million.

Also sent on leave are Washington’s Finance Officer Deputy Superintendent Frank Jackman Wilberg, Assistant Superintendent Kellman, both from the Finance Department and Inspector Walcott of the Quartermaster Stores.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that the decision to send the quart on leave arose from the funds which cannot be accounted for includingย instancesย where millions of dollars in purchases made by the Force cannot be accounted for.

This publication was also told that these instances have also been unearthed other transactions where monies which were assigned for ranks and other persons for various extra duties and services were signed for as being received, but those persons never received the funds.

Today, officers from the Special Organised Crime Unit visited the police headquarters at Eve Leary where they removed files from both the Financeย Office and Quartermaster Stores.

It is believed that those files may unravel the scope of the alleged fraud, the players involved and the exact amount of money unaccounted for.

All four individuals were served today with their letters instructing them to proceed on leave immediately.

In the past, BIG Smith News Watch highlighted the lack of payment to junior ranks who perform extra duties at crickets, sporting events and shows, these ranks were unable to receive their monies which are referred to as ‘extra duties’ money.