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BREAKING NEWS: Princess Street Man started Brickdam Station fire

Police Detectives have confirmed that 26-Year-old Clarence Greene of 2292 Princess Street Lodge started the fire at the Brickdam Police Station which has devastated Crime fighting and police services capabilities of Regional Division 4A, and by extension placed the entire security mechanism of the Guyana Police in a set back position.

Greene who is unemployed was arrested on Saturday morning for investigations into a robbery under arms and was taken to the Brickdam Police Station where he was placed in the lockups along with other prisoners.

In statements that were given to the police by Greene and other prisoners, it was disclosed that the fire was set with the use of a cigarette lighter, wire and sponge from a mattress in the lockups.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that two prisoners in their statements claimed that after the fire was started, they were taken out of the cell and escorted to the Sparendaam Police Station.

It was while in the cell at the Sparendaam Police Station that Greene told his fellow inmates that he was the one who set the fire and detailed how it all started.

According to what BIG Smith News Watch has been told, he took a piece of sponge from a mattress and wrapped it around a wire, lit it with a cigarette lighter, pushed it through the ventilation hole and dropped it down in a part of the station which has some documents.

Clarence has since provided the police with a video interview where he repeated the same series of  events to the police detectives on camera.

The 26-year-old told the police that his motive for burning down the complex was because he was detained for a couple of hours and he had become frustrated.

Several building were reduced to ashes on Saturday when the Brickdam Police Station went up in flames.

On Sunday, President Irfaan Ali slammed the Guyana Fire Service for their poor performance in battling the fire and stopped short of asking the Fire Chief to tender his resignation.