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BREAKING: Mother admits beating and dumping 6-Y-O in swamp

BREAKING: Mother admits to beating and dumping 6-Y-O in swamp

The location leading to the swamp where the young girl was found

The mother of a Six year old female of Goed Bananen Land, East Canje has confessed to beating the child then dumping her in a swamp several feet away from their home on Sunday last.

According to police sources the mother said she took the child for a โ€˜walkโ€™ and alleged that the girl was not listening to her, as such, she took a piece of wood that was at her hand reach and struck the young girl to her head causing her to fall unconscious.

She then picked up the child and throw her body into the swamp and went back home where she indicated to her relatives and neighbors that the little girl went missing.

Recalling the events, the childโ€™s grandfather Satkar Balkarran said he was completing some carpentry work on the house when he noticed the child playing in the yard “usually when Iโ€™m around doing work she does be with me and pick up one and two fine wood that I cut and donโ€™t use and she does play and make her own thing. So she had a piece wood that I left outside and she was playing with it in the yard.โ€

The man related that after sometime he did not see his granddaughter around and decided to call out for her but got no answer, “her father was coming for her so her mother had to dress her to go but when she called she didnโ€™t hear the girl answer so I thought she was in the corner playing but when I come out to check and I called, nobody answered me. We call and call and nothing.โ€

Balkarran said after several calls for the child went unanswered, an alarm was raised and they began asking neighbors if they saw her walking out the street or anywhere around but that effort proved futile, “the pickney been right here with me and she go In front the gate and was playing too. When Iโ€™m doing my work I donโ€™t focus 100% on her because I know sheโ€™s around but I does always keep eyes on her or call on her. It just happen in a split second,โ€ he said

A search party was formed and family members along with neighbors began combing the area for the young girl but it was the grandfather who โ€˜followed his mindโ€™ and went into the backlands where a private farm is located (about 500 ft away from their home) and found the child completely covered in mud.

The man said it is a very puzzling situation since the child does not go that far by herself and more so, leave the yard without permission.

โ€œI search all over and my mind just tell me walk and go at the back there and look for this girl but the others were telling me she wonโ€™t go till at the back there but I said no lemme go down and see.โ€

The man said his granddaughter was submerged in a swampy area and whilst walking along the dam he passed her once but didnโ€™t even notice since she was almost completely sunk in the mud.

โ€œIt get a trench on one side and another bushy swampy area on the next side so I walking on one side looking and I walk the other over too but I nah see nothing so I decided to go back over by the bushy areaย  side and do a second check and when I look in the mud there was my child laying down with her fingers in her mouth and not moving. I jump in and I grab her and I started hollering for help and I watching to so see if she breathing and while running with her she make a lil noise and I said thank god she alive, Balkarran said.โ€

He further noted that when he reached out the police was there and came to his aid, took the child and rushed her to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she was treated and transferred to Georgetown hospital where she remains a patient in the Intensive Care Unit.

The young girl was found with a wound to the back of her head and her face.

โ€œShe in the ICU and Iโ€™m praying that she recovers to talk what happened because she head buss and she face get a cut and it had a piece wood next to her which she was playing with in the yard. Nothing strange was found in the area or no blood or nothing we didnโ€™t see.โ€