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BREAKING: GGMC manager survives execution attempt

BREAKING: GGMC manager survives execution attempt

The GGMC head office located in Georgetown

A senior manager attached to the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission is counting his lucky stars after surviving an attempt on his life Thursday night.

BIG Smith News Watch has been reliably informed that the failed hit was carried out just after 20:30hours as the manager was heading home.

According to our information, while turning into the street leading to his home on the East Coast Demerara, the manager observed a male standing on the road corner under the guise of using the road shoulder to urinate.

As the manager turned through the street the โ€˜standing manโ€™ turned around and open fire in his direction. At the time, the manager’s vehicle windows were said to be down.

The manager took evasive measures and also managed to return fire in the direction of his attacker. It is stated that the would-be assassin might have been hit two times but still managed to escape as a search of the area for him came up empty-handed.

A number of spend shells have been recovered from the scene and the police are continuing their investigations into the incident.

No clear motive for the shooting was provided to this publication by police sources.