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Doctor found murdered in office: vehicle taken

Medical practitioner Dr. Collin Roach was this evening found murdered in his lot 111 Duke Street Kingston Georgetown Office.

The doctor was found laying on his back with his face bashed in, covid 19 book neatly rest on his stomach, his pants down to his knees and his Audi Q5 SUS PXX 4000 missing. That vehicle was said to be parked outside the doctor’s office.

Persons familiar with the doctor and his movements said he was last heard from sometime after 18:00hrs on Tuesday afternoon.

We were told at it is suspect or suspects responsible for the doctor’s death might be someone known to him as he would not allow persons into his office after working hours if he is not familiar with them.

BREAKING: Doctor found murdered in office: vehicle taken
The office where Dr. Roache’s body was found on Tuesday evening

The general area is properly covered with CCTV cameras. This publication was told that although the DVR from the doctor’s office might have been removed, several building in the area do have CCTV cameras.

The police along with relatives and staff of the doctor are on the crime scene at the moment as the police are conducting their investigations.