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BREAKING: Bandits storm supermarket, Chinese national shot, security guard disarmed

UPDATE: Fmr Deputy Commissioner’s son detained in supermarket robbery probe
The police closed off the road as they seek to capture the trapped gunman in the building
Police in Regional Division 4C (East Coast Demerara) are combing the entire division for approximately six gunmen who stormed a Chinese Supermarket located at Melanie Public Road, shooting one Chinese National in the process.
BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that the injured victim has been rushed to a city hospital, while six of the gunmen are on the run and a seventh is suspected to be trapped and hiding in the building which houses the supermarket.
We were told that he might have been trapped there due to the prompt response by the police, who received a distress call and a report that shots were being fired at the supermarket.
At the moment the police have closed off access to the main road leading to the supermarket, while police and soldiers are on the ground seeking to flush out the seventh gunman who is suspected to still be in the building.
We were also informed that a security guard connected to the Sheriff Security Service, who was on duty at the location when the gunmen invaded, was also relieved of his weapon.
The Sheriff Security Firm has since deployed a number of its ranks and patrols to the location, and are providing support to the police and Army on the ground, as the search for the fleeing bandits continues.
This is a developing story and BIG Smith will provide additional details on this as they become available.