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BREAKING: Atlantic Ocean water flows inland as koker door collapses

UPDATE: Collapsed koker door in Essequibo was not built to specification

Around 16:44 hrs Thursday afternoon, a sluice door at Better Success on the Essequbio Coast reportedly suffered a breach by the Atlantic Ocean Water.

The Regional Vice Chairman Humace Oodit has confirmed that significant volume of water is flowing into the area, and that emergency works are being rolled out at the moment.

Director General of the Guyana Civil Defence Commission Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig confirmed that there is a development in the area and emergency works have commenced.

He told BIG Smith News Watch that teams from the Ministry of Agriculture and National Drainage and Irrigation Department are on the ground placing stop blocks to stem the flow of water inland from the Atlantic Ocean.

At the moment, there are no reports of water in any homes of residence but some 25 yards have already been affected.

At the drop of the tide tomorrow Friday, the teams are expected to install a permanent steel door at the location.

More details will be provided in relation to this development as it unfolds.

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