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Breakage and leaks putting a strain on GWIs capacity- Rodrigues

Breakages and leaks putting a strain on GWI’s capacity- Rodrigues

Water Minister Rodrigues is shown water main which runs along a roadway 

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water Susan Rodrigues has called on Citizens to immediately report breakage or leaks along water mains within their communities to the district Guyana Water Inc offices.


Rodrigues who engaged residents along the lower East Coast Demerara and West Berbice on Saturday was clear that leaks within the system contribute to a number of negative developments for customers including low water pressure, contaminated water supply coming through the taps and undermine the integrity of existing infrastructure in cases where the leaks are along the roadways or foundation of buildings.

Breakages and leaks putting a strain on GWI’s capacity- Rodrigues
An access dam for farmers in Mahaicony which is affected by a leaking GWI water main

According to her, residents who also experience a spike in water bills and feel to themselves that they have not been using that amount of water should check to see if the lines running to their property has a breakage, leaks, or unauthorized connection which may be reading into their water meters.


Residents who met with Rodrigues on Saturday also called for the government to move swiftly on their campaign promise of removing the value-added tax on water bills of senior citizens and to return the subsidy which was also promised.


Dundee, Trafalgar, and Hyde Park Mahaicony were among the communities the minister met and interacted with the residents as well as villages on the West Coast Berbice including Bath.


Speaking with BIG Smith News Watch, Minister Susan Rodrigues said that she was very concerned about the issue of leaks within the GWI’s pipe network as it contributes to the overall financial bearings on the water company.


Resuscitation of the agriculture sector, drainage and the identification and development of lands to convert into housing schemes were also some of the issues the residents raised.