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Brazilian consortium, GCBL reps meet Go-Invest on soybean and corn cultivation

Brazilian consortium, GCBL reps meet Go-Invest on soybean and corn cultivation

The investors meeting with Dr. Peter Ramsaroop at the Guyana Office for Investment Headoffice in Guyana Thursday afternoon

Moments after arriving in Guyana Thursday, the Brazilian Consortium, Global Chamber of Business Leaders and Intelligent Business Network representatives who are exploring large-scale soybean and corn cultivation in Guyana, met with the head of the Go-Invest, Dr. Peter Ramsaroop.

Meeting with the Go-Invest head yesterday were; Daniel Antonio Da Cunha, Pailo Carlos De’Carli, Leandro Rodrigues De Mendoca, Norah Espinoza, Mahendra Persaud and Suresh Ramkissoon.

Brazilian consortium, GCBL reps meet Go-Invest on soybean and corn cultivation
The arriving delegation on Thursday.

The familiarization meeting as it were, saw both sides exchanging ideas on how the investment would be feasible to the investors and at the time benefit Guyana and its citizens, particularly those who live in the community where the cultivation is expected to take place.

Dr. Peter Ramsaroop expressed a keen interest in understanding how the joint venture between the Brazilian Consortium and its local partners could ensure that Guyana benefits tremendously from the value-added products coming from the cultivation of the two crops.

A ready hand was also extended to the investors on the government’s behalf to ensure that the investors receives the necessary facilitation to bring in their machinery and other equipment intended for use in the investment arrive in the country once the necessary paper works are completed once all criteria are met.

Today the team will travel to the site earmarked for the investment in Region 10 where soil sampling and other key components in keeping with the investment initiative are done so that the process is pushed to the next phase smoothly.

The partnership between the two sides will see the cultivation of Soybean and Corn in the intermediate savannahs. The investors and their technical engineers who arrived in Guyana yesterday are expected to remain here for one week.

Based on the communication from the partnership, the aim is to cultivate 1000 (one thousand) hectares of Soybean and Corn in the first year with plans of increasing that volume consistently.

The delegate of GBCL to Guyana and IBN’s CEO Suresh Ramkissoon explained that they are conscious of the limited information available to farmers and investors who have an interest in Soybean and Corn crops.

IBN is therefore open and willing to share the available information to interested parties and show ways in which the crop can be cultivated in Guyana in a successful way.

Interested parties can reach out to IBN through WhatsApp +592 674-7914/ +592 621-5966 or email [email protected]