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Body with marks of violence found on Kaieteur News premises; two detained

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Police have confirmed that on Tuesday morning the lifeless remains of a man were found with marks of violence lying in the tray of a canter truck which is operated by Kaieteur News. The canter was parked in the Kaieteur News bond located at Saffon Street.

A police report seen by this publication states that the police are handling the death as murder. The report stated that on Tuesday at 09:00 hrs the body was discovered by a driver who had parked the canter in the bond the previous night and secured the gate leading to the said bond.

The police suspect the man to be a vagrant. When his body was discovered, it was clad in a blue long jeans and a grey and burgundy shirt with one side of his slipper on his right foot.

Upon examining the body, the police found what appeared to be a wound to the back of the man’s head and a small cut to his wrist. There were also bloodstains inside the tray of the canter where the man’s body was found.

Two security guards have since been detained for questioning. The police are said to be making arrangements to extract the video footage from the newspaper’s CCTV cameras as well as from a government CCTV set up which is located a stone’s throw away from the Kaieteur News bond.

Publisher of the newspaper Glenn Lall in a telephone conversation with BIG Smith News Watch confirmed the development and said that the man found in the canter truck is not known to the staff.

The police are continuing their investigations into the matter.