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Big B’s rolls in second branch at New Amsterdam

Big B's rolls in with second branch in New Amsterdam
An exterior view of the restaurant with it’s proprietor Shabeer Baksh and wife inset
Big B’s is a small restaurant that first opened its main Branch at Rosignol, West Coast Berbice. The business came about just a few years after the closure of Baksh Cafe, which was located at the Rosignol stelling when the Ferry Service was operable.
Last week, the proprietors of Big B’s restaurant, Shabeer Baksh and his wife Maria, are elated as they opened their second branch at Pope and Main Streets, New Amsterdam, with the hope of serving the people of Region 6 with quality and high standard service.
Shabeer said that his father operated a small business at the stelling some years ago, and that motivated him to become a business owner, and at the same time give back to the people.
He said as a little boy, growing up, he paid keen attention to his father’s work ethic, and how his hard work made him a successful entrepreneur. He said he was always in the shop, and found himself occupied with managing their small business while at the same time balancing education, which he noted was his main priority while growing up.
“As a youngster growing up, what I did, unlike other youths going out and playing sports, I would take that time and assist him in the shop, because I knew how committed he was in establishing his business. Unfortunately, when the Berbice Bridge was built, the opportunity for sales at Rosignol Stelling went downhill for us. So, we had to close that down, and in 2015 me and my wife decided to go back on track, and that’s how we established Big B’s restaurant. The name Big B’s came from my father Baksh, as a young boy I always called him Big B.”
Shabeer’s wife Maria said that while they have been in the food industry for so many years, and it is admittedly quite time consuming, they always ensure that this never affects their quality service.
“One of our main aims at Baksh restaurant is to keep good standards, and we always communicate with our customers and listen to their feedback and see how best we can serve their expectations.”
Shabeer noted that as the years go by, he is hoping to continue expanding his business to other parts of Guyana. He said that they had a mobile cart which they had operated in several communities in Regions 5 and 6, and after receiving encouraging responses, this prompted the opening of the new venture in New Amsterdam.
“When it comes to me, I try to show people my flavour, my vision and my perspective of things, and so I will always ensure my staff are properly trained, and are in keeping with the standards I expect for my business.”
He noted that while COVID-19 has impacted his business tremendously, causing almost a 30-40% decrease in sales, he still did not limit his staff, neither cut their working hours after realizing that they will receive 50% of their initial salary if they were to be laid off.
“I actually reopened the café where we serve breakfast, and that has turned out excellent for us. The staff are having their hours, and everyone still hold their responsibilities at Big B’s.”
The new branch at New Amsterdam offers a wide variety of food items and also free delivery services.