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Aunty Ada Robinson is 103 NOT OUT

Ada Robinson turned 103 on Tuesday

The Bible says โ€œThe days of your years shall be three score and ten,โ€ but for one special woman, it has been five scores and counting.

Aunty Ada Robinson is now 103 not out and the celebration was at David Street Kitty with the offsprings of her eight children who ensure that they stuck to the COVID guidelines of no large gatherings in an effort to reduce aunty Ada’s exposure to the deadly virus.

Ms. Robinson has given all credits to God for sustaining her life thus far. Surrounded by a minute number of family and friends, she attributed her blessing of being in good health and living 3 years beyond her centurion year to the support of her family and God

โ€œ[Only] Father God could have brought me here,โ€ she grinned.

Robinson believes that she can live as long as she wants to, as it is more of mind over matter for her, coupled with the grace and help of God. Relatives explained that she not only looks good, but feels good as she has no major illnesses or heavy pains, even in her senescence.

In her earlier years, she was married but her husband died 26 years ago. That union produced eight children four of whom are still alive today but residing outside of Guyana.

Aunty Ada is not present for Sunday morning services in church but she is sure to pray and read her bible every day, her grandchild stated.

The centenarian worked as a caterer in her earlier years to sustain her family and was known in the various communities in which she lived for her kind heartedness and service to anyone who needed it.

With over 30 great grandchildren, family members of Robinson noted that she would welcome all of them with open arms and ensure that her family was closely knitted together.

Aunty ada is 103 NOT OUT
Aunty Robinson and her relatives

Colette Samartt, a granddaughter of the long living woman explained that Robinson is the glue of the family and assisted in teaching them all they needed to know about life.

โ€œShe [has] always been a good womanโ€ฆ [she has] given us the cooking skills, the working skillsโ€ฆand the willpower to keep going,โ€ the granddaughter said.

Samartt went on to say that, as much as possible, they would usually plan a large event to celebrate the birth anniversary of Robinson.

However, circumstances this year were different.

โ€œWe would do this every year but normally we would have many other people here but due to [COVID-19] we couldnโ€™t facilitate everyone in the way we wanted to.

Despite never being wealthy, Robinson would ensure that all her relatives as far as possible were given the necessities to function effectively in society.

โ€œWe were a family that never had it to the maximum, but the way she brought us up it was like we were billionairesโ€, The family told BIG Smith News Watch.

Other relatives who were present at the little family gathering noted how much of a humanitarian Robinson is, and how she would help those at any beck and call.

โ€œWe thought people were our aunts and uncles, but they were just people she pulled into the family that maybe had nowhere to stayโ€ฆif you had nowhere to live, she would pull you in and take care of you until you could do better,โ€ relatives noted.