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No sanction if companies who got ‘sweetheart’ land deals return them to Gov’t- Nandlall

The schedule which was released by Nandlall’s ministry

Attorney General Anil Nandlall has signalled his office’s intention to start civil proceedings against Former Finance Minister Winston Jordan, former head of NICIL and head of the Special Purposes Unit Colvin Heath-London and several companies.

These would be for lands listed as “veted without full payment”, and lands the government is claiming were granted to several persons and companies in the Ogle area and one in the North Cummingsburg area. The AG in his release said that no actions would be taken against “companies that surrender their allotted lands to the State”.

In a schedule released by the Attorney General’s office several companies were listed as paying 10% of the purchase price.

These include Caribbean Marketing Enterprise for which the value of land is estimated at $632 million and for which $19 million was paid, Navigant Builders for which 30 acres were valued at $900 million, Caridiology Services Inc for which 8 acres of land were valued at $240 million and $15 million was paid, Premier Sales and Services for which 5 acres of land were valued at $150 million and $1 million was paid, Supergraphics for which 5 acres of land were valued at $175 million and $8 million is recorded as being paid. Two other companies, American Marine Services Inc and the state- owned Guyana Oil Company got 20 and 1,5 acres of land in Ogle valued at $600 million and $52 million respectively. 2.5 acres of land located at North Cummingsburg in the name of BK Marine Inc was valued at $202 million for which $20 million was paid.

The statement said that the titles for the land released today was done after the March 2nd General and Regional Elections as the Attorney General contends that the former government “had no power to enter into agreements of sale or vest titles,” between the period that the motion of no confidence was passed in December 2018 and following the elections in March.

The Attorney General is accused Former Minister Jordan and the former head of NICIL of “acting recklessly” and in “bad faith” which results in losses amounting to millions of dollars. The PPP/C government said it is reviewing the allocation and sale of state lands done under the past administration.