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Anti-women policy at housing Ministry will be challenged- Min. Croal

As the world observes International Women’s Day, Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal has urged Guyanese to “challenge every hindrance that stops progress for women.

In his message to mark the ocassion, the Minister said “though change is a tedious process, let us choose to persistently challenge its pace.”

Doing his part, Croal said he chooses to challenge any policy at his Ministry that does not include women and girls. Further, he said he endeavours to have more women become home owners in the near furture.

The Minister said it is universally acknowledged that women deserve a world that is free from discrimination.

He noted that there is continued existence of the gender gap, violence and sexual harassment at work places and the lack of sufficient policies with women’s input showing that equality remains elusive.

However, on this International Women’s Day, Croal urged that persons celebrate women who have kept families and homes together while holding down jobs during the pandemic with special thanks to frontline workers.

“Let us redouble our efforts to end discrimination and stigma of all kinds against women and girls. Let us rage against stereotypes and reaffirm solidarity with women every where,”
he urged.

Alluding to Guyana’s first female President Janet Jagan, he noted that women must join in the struggle to bring about political and socio-economic changes so that there will be equal opportunities for all.